What a wonderful three days were had at the singing competitions. I was so very proud of all my students. Everyone achieved a personal best, whether it was first time on stage, a song remembered, a smiling, confident performance, a placing or a win. Or in some cases all of the above.

Students who sang at the competitions for the first time were amazing.

Under 11 Years, (awards given)

Zarra 1st and VHC (Very Highly Commended)

Zoe 2nd

Abby Two 1sts, HC

Ethan VHC

Amber HC and C

Abbie Two 2nds

12-14 Years

Arielle HC

14 Years Plus

Jackson 2nd and C

Bella 2nd and C

Ella Two 1sts

Morgan 1st, 2nd, 3rd, C

Maggie Two VHC C

Rachel VHC

The students who have sung at the competitions before achieved well.

Under 11 Years

Ansh Two 3rds and C

Mackenizie Two 1sts, Two HC, C. Trophy for Highest Mark in Restricted Classes

Clara, 1st, 3rd HC, C

Neve Two 1sts. VHC, HC

Katie  Three VHC, C

12-14 Years

Rowan 1st, 3rd,  Two VHC, C Orphans’Cup for Character Song in costume.

Jenna 1ST, 2ND, Two 3rds, VHC

Amy 1st, 2nd, Two 3rds

14 Years Plus

Jackson 2nd, HC

Denise Four 3rds, HC

Aiyana Two 1sts, Two 2nds. VHC. Plus…..

Junior Programme 15-17 Years 2nd place and Local Competitor Award

Heather Christiansen Tray for Highest Mark in Art Song

TPAC Scholarship 16 & 17 Years