Congratulations to Rowan Wathen!

He won the Gerry Joyce Rosebowl with the highest markover all ages for his folk song.

Pictured here with his fantastic accompanist Leon Gray-Lockhart.

Jade Newton performing Santa Lucia with accompanist Leon Gray-Lockhart

Katie began singing lessons this year. She has worked so very hard at her singing with both the vocals and her presentation. Katie was competing against students with three and more years of lessons behind them. She was thrilled to be awarded two Very Highly Commended certificates and two Highly Commended certificates. What was impressive about Katie was the fact that she stayed to watch older singers compete and is determined to enter next year. A round of applause for Katie…my kind of student.

Other results

Clara 1st in Folk Song and  Song in Costume, 2nd in Own Selection and Sacred Song. She also won the A section of the 11 Years and Under Scholarship.

Ansh in her very fist competitions scored 3rd in Restricted, VHC Own Selection and Folk and Commended for Song in Costume.

Jade  1st in Own Selection, 3rd in Song in Costume, nailing the difficulties she had had with some of the phrases. VHC for Sacred Song.

Ayla 1st Sacred Song, Commended for Folk

Neve 3rd for Song in Costume, VHC for Own Selection. Unfortunately, streph throat took over.

Rowan 1st in Own Selection, Folk Song and Restricted, 2nd for Sacred Song and VHC for Song in Costume.

Jenna 1st for Song in costume, 2nd Restricted, 20th / 21st Century Art Song, 3rd Own Selection and Sacred. Highly Commended or her Folk Song.

Denise in her first competition only entered one class and scored 3rd for a beautiful rendition of  the folk song Isle of Hope.

Taylor, first competitions in 16-18 years group, scored three 3rds and a Very Highly Commended.

Ayla, first competition 18 years and over, one Very Highly Commended and one Highly Commended.

Wendy, in the same classes, scored a 1st and a 3rd. Then a 1st in the Duet class with Dyllan.

Dyllan, two 1st,Own Selection and Duet, two 2nd,  Musical Theatre and Lied,  Very Highly Commended for  Art Song and Highly Commended for Folk.

Fabulous Results. The studio of Jan Beets Sing and Teach is very proud of them all.