Bel Canto Studio Entries

VHC= Very Highly Commended

HC =Highly Commended

C = Commended

Under 11 years.

Own Selection: Holly 2nd,  Ella VHC, Charlotte HC, Rosie C

Folk Song: Kelsie 1st, Ella 3rd, Holly VHC, Rosie and Adriahn C

Sacred: Charlotte 1st, Kelsie 3rd, Holly VHC, Adriahn HC

Musical Theatre: Kelsie 1st, Holly 2nd, Ella VHC, Charlotte HC, Rosie C

Restricted. Ella 1st, Kelsie 3rd, Charlotte VHC

12-13 years

Own Selection: Iya VHC, Annabelle, Petra, Lexi HC

20th 21st Century: Petra 1st, Iya 2nd, Violet C

Folk: Iya 1st, Petra 3rd, Annabelle, Lexi HC

Sacred: Petra 1st, Iya 3rd, Lexi VHC, Annabelle HC

Music Theatre Iya 3rd, Petra VHC

Restricted: Lexi 2nd


Abigail Folk HC, Contemporary, VHC, Pop 2nd


Scholarships, Charlotte won the prize for the highest mark in a Sacred Solo.

Petra won the scholarship forall entries  12-13 years old