Why Have Singing Lessons?

Not matter how good you or your friends think you are at singing, if you are really want to become a good singer you need to have someone to help you achieve your goal.

What can I, as a voice teacher, coach mentor, trainer do for you?

  • Provide regular structured lessons. We live in a busy world and time to practise is often difficult to find but if you have regular singing lessons, you are more likely to practise. Thinking about paying for a lesson is often a good incentive to make you practise.
  • Provide an audience. We can only hear 30% of what our voice is truly like. You need someone who will listen to you and give constructive criticism and praise.
  • Develop your repertoire. I will give you songs which will complement your present repertoire and voice. I will also give you songs which are appropriate for your developing vocal skills and abilities. I will introduce you to songs from all genres, apart from heavy metal, although I can help you to develop techniques to protect your voice when you sing in this genre.
  • Development of music reading and  theory.
  • Provide introductions to other singers and musicians.
  • Provide opportunities for you to sing in public. Initially, this is at the student recital but there are also other avenues and places to perform, including singing competitions and Trinity Guildhall exams.
  • Give you assistance to choose your path for singing, whether it be performing or further study.
  • Most importantly, provide you with a safe, happy environment to learn your craft.

Another facet of my teaching is helping people prepare for auditions for musical theatre:

  • Outlining the audition process
  • Choosing the song
  • Rehearsing the Song
  • Mock auditions
  • Providing a backing track for the audition

The Teaching Process

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Get in Touch

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“OUR VILLAGE CONCERT last Saturday night was a huge success, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Our congratulations and thanks go to Iris Unsworth, co-ordinator from the beginning, for her dedication. With Coreen Gray as accompanist the Bayswater Choir sang with gusto, brackets of songs from well known shows. Choir members were well rehearsed and presented a very colourful sight on stage. Here I would like to mention the first-rate performance by Reg Curtis and Les Blackman, the remaining two male choir members on the night, two others being absent through illness and a third member being overseas. They were splendid and held their own despite being surrounded by the fairer sex. The item choreographed by Louise Caird, “Three Little Maids”, an excert from “Mikardo”, received a well-deserved encore. Playing the parts of the maids were Louise Caird, Gloria Mitchell and Shirley Parris. Did you recognise them! They really looked the part from head to toe dressed in their borrowed wigs and kimonos with the huge yellow bows made by Sheila Eamshaw.

Other items included a solo,”C’est Magnifique” by Gloria Mitchell, dressed beautifully in the spirit of the song, piano duets “Nola” by Coreen Gray and Eunice Savory, and “Mikardo” by Coreen Gray and Peggy Blyth (Ocean Shores), both well received by an enthusiastic audience. J an Beets (daughter of Shirley Parris) and her husband Merv added to the success of the evening. Jan sang a solo and later joined husband Merv in an amusing song, “That’s Your Funeral”. Their assistance through rehearals added to the success of the show.

There are many people to thank for the success of the evening. Some of the more obvious are Jan Beets and her husband Merv for their musical direction and choreography from the beginning, Coreen Gray for her professional assistance throughout rehearsals, Les Payne on the night for his ‘voice’ as compere, the men who set up everything for the show then put it all back afterwards, June Dickens for her help with the ‘food’, Elva McJorrow for floral presentations, and all the rest of the willing ones who gave their time. Last but not least a big ‘thank you’ to the Residents’ Committee for supplying the beautiful stage curtains which add so much to the stage appearance.”

Kathleen Genet