The Teaching Process

The first lesson is a no cost, no obligation full session in which we (student and teacher) chat about your singing needs.


  • Why do you want to learn?
  • Who do you want to sing to?
  • Is there an event coming up that you want/need to sing at?
  • What sort of music do you like?
  • Do you just want to find out if you can sing?

A common theme can be that the student has no confidence in their singing voice often having been told  by family, friends, teachers, that they have an awful voice. Part of my job is to help you regain/rediscover your voice and your confidence. Of particular importance to me, is the need for the student to feel safe in the learning environment. This helps develop confidence in the student. Testimonial Emily Lyons.
I use a wide range of backing tracks; genres range from classical to contemporary and just about everything in between. I will provide you with learning material. I prefer to work from sheet music as this gives you the beginnings of reading music. If sheet music is not available, then it is just lyrics. We choose songs which you like and will enjoy singing.

We begin the lesson with vocal warm ups and then specific exercises targeting specific areas eg. Flexibility, resonance, range, vowels, breathing. The skills you gain from these exercises can be then transferred to the songs you are learning.

The second part of the lesson begins with me listening to what you have been working on at home. We work through your songs, no more than three at a time, lifting the presentation till it is at your optimum performance level.

Students also have regular opportunities to sing to other students, and all students have a chance to perform for each other at a soiree/recital, usually held in June. This is not mandatory.

Why have Singing Lessons?

If you are really want to become a good singer you need to have someone to help you achieve your goal.

Get in Touch

If you would like to know more or to have a free, no obligation consultation, please contact me here.

“Jan has been my singing teacher for the last two years and I have enjoyed every moment of it. Jan is an amazing teacher as she provides everything you need to make singing part of you life. She gives you a safe and secure environment in which you can discover your voice and receive support and constructive criticism that will help you become a better singer.

These lessons help with broadening your range and also your knowledge on music as a whole. Jan is full of interesting and new ways to explain things in a way that you can understand them and also use them as part of your singing technique. Jan provides a range of different types of music that fits well with your voice and what you are able to accomplish well and be proud of yourself. With these singing lessons Jan helps you prepare for musicals, plays and any auditions by picking fitting songs that show off your voice.

With help from Jan I was picked to sing in the UK and also had a one of the lead parts in my school musical Jekyll and Hyde. Jan’s singing lessons also give you as the student the opportunity to sing in front of an audience where you can gain confidence as a performer/ singer and enjoy the beauty of singing.”

Emily Lyons