About Singing Lessons & Coaching

I love to sing and to be able to help other people to enjoy it as much as myself.  I have been training and coaching singing students for many years and have my own home studio where students can enjoy lessons in a comfortable environment.  I offer training that will aid students in perfecting their singing in whatever area of music they enjoy.

I am a trained Primary School teacher, with a passion for involving children in music and drama. As a singing student, I attended the New Zealand National Singing School in Napier in 2003 and 2005. In 2007, I was accepted as a Trainee Tutor, my mentor being Irene Bartlett. It was this experience which gave me the confidence to set up a singing studio in my home in Welcome Bay, Tauranga.

I currently have students ranging in age from 6 – 75 years old. They are singing songs from all genres, apart from Rap and heavy metal, although I am sure this could change if needed.

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Why have Singing Lessons?

If you are really want to become a good singer you need to have someone to help you achieve your goal.

The Teaching Process

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“I am just thrilled to hear of your mentoring. I think it is an excellent idea. Only way to develop the next stream of tutors. And you are SO fortunate to have Irene Bartlett. Honestly I think she can teach all Singing teachers in general so much about technique. A true pedagogy person, but just such fun. Lucky you. Having said that, you do have heaps to offer. You are already up with the play as to how teaching in general works; you have a fair grounding in basic technique; very importantly you do not think you know it all and are prepared to learn; and you are doing it all the time. you actually are fronting up and performing ” music theatre” all the time. Go for it. Irene will head you in the best way possible.”
The late Barbara Nicholls

December 2006

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