Singing Competitions

Competitions. Why?

  • Give students the chance to work through performance anxieties, develop coping mechanisms and so further develop solo performance skills.
  • The opportunity to work with exceptional accompanists in rehearsal and then in a concert setting.
  • The opportunity to awaken and uplift the emotions while spending time with other singing students in the same age group, watching them perform and being inspired by watching older singers.
  • Time to listen to the wisdom and experience of the adjudicator. 
  • Using the reports from the adjudicator as a guide for new goals while realising it is one person’s opinion.
  • A chance to measure their own progress against themselves and their personal goals.
  • A chance to enjoy the power and responsibility of performing.
  • The opportunity for their teacher to see what techniques the student can use and what needs to be worked on.
  • Excellent practice for the audition or examination room.
  • Being able to perform as a vocalist makes public speaking, a requirement for some NCEA assessments, a much easier experience.
  • To share their beautiful voices with other people, particularly family and those who have supported them on their artistic journey.

The vocal competition programme is made up of classes in age groups. Highlights include the Junior Classical and Non Classical Junior Programmes, 15-18 years and the 18-25 years Programme Class. The Musical Theatre classes 14 years and under are a delight to watch with competitors in costume and character.

Why have Singing Lessons?

If you are really want to become a good singer you need to have someone to help you achieve your goal.

The Teaching Process

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“I am just thrilled to hear of your mentoring. I think it is an excellent idea. Only way to develop the next stream of tutors. And you are SO fortunate to have Irene Bartlett. Honestly I think she can teach all Singing teachers in general so much about technique. A true pedagogy person, but just such fun. Lucky you. Having said that, you do have heaps to offer. You are already up with the play as to how teaching in general works; you have a fair grounding in basic technique; very importantly you do not think you know it all and are prepared to learn; and you are doing it all the time. you actually are fronting up and performing ” music theatre” all the time. Go for it. Irene will head you in the best way possible.”
The late Barbara Nicholls

December 2006

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