Tauranga Performing Arts Competitions Society  July 2011-07-17



Bailey Hocking  –  Little People

Katala Hutchings  –  A Dream is a Wish

Dyllan Martin  –  There are Worse Things I Could Do



Aiyana Jarbadan  –  Sit Down Sister

Petra Wordsworth  –  Everybody wants to be a Cat



Ashley Hocking  –  Castle on a cloud

Bailey Hocking  –  The Desperado


Very Highly Commended

Dyllan Martin  –  Path to the Moon

Danni Roberts  –  Own Composition

Petra Wordsworth  –  The Crocodile

Petra Wordsworth  –  Evening Prayer

Katala Hutchings  –  Dalmatian Cradle Song

Petra Wordsworth  –  Dalmatian Cradle Song

Aiyana Jarbadan  –  Wiegenlied

Janaye Henry  –  Castle on a Cloud


Highly Commended

Danni Roberts  –  Missing You, My Bill

Carese White  –  Gone the Rainbow

Danni Roberts  –  How are things in Glocca Morra

Janaye Henry  –  A Dream is a Wish

Janaye Henry  –  Path to the Moon