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Trinity Exams June 2017

Congratulations to those students  who passed their exams. Grade 2 Ansh Grade 3 Katie and Mackenzie Grade 5 Amy and Clara Grade 6 Anna

Testimonial to Jan Beets from Rowan

Without you Jan, we would never compete in those comps. Thank you for letting us discover such a wonderful event. I had a great time. I'm looking forward to next term and the Mondays to come. from Rowan and from me, thank you for your love of our childen and the way...

Mackenzie Wilson

Mackenzie Wilson singing the National Anthem at TSB Arena for the National Volleyball Championship.

Tauranga Performing Arts Competitions 2016

Congratulations to Rowan Wathen! He won the Gerry Joyce Rosebowl with the highest markover all ages for his folk song. Pictured here with his fantastic accompanist Leon Gray-Lockhart. Jade Newton performing Santa Lucia with accompanist Leon Gray-Lockhart Katie began...

Trinity Exams 2015

Huge congratulations to all students who passed exams this year. Grade 1 Mackenzie 91% Distinction Grade 2 Gretel 91% Distinction Rowan Merit Ella Merit Poppy Grade 3 Maddie Merit Amy Merit Jenna Merit Clara Merit Grade 4 Alex Merit Rosie Anna 92%...