Tauranga Performing Arts Competitions July 2012

Bel Canto studio entered 53 entries, of those 45 gained either a place, VHC, HC, C or M

Own Selection Under 11, 2 classes

Bailey 1st, Petra 1st

Amelia 2nd

Ashley 3rd

Rosie C

 Folk Song

Petra 1st

Ashley 3rd

Jasmine HC

Bailey C  Rosie C      


Sacred Solo 2 classes

Ashley 1st

Petra 2nd, Bailey 2nd

Amelia VHC

 Musical Theatre

Petra 3rd

Ashley VHC, Bailey, VHC

Rosie HC

Amelia C



Petra 1st

Ashley 2nd

Rosie VHC


Highest score in Sacred Solo over all age classes Ashley

 Scholarship 11 years and under   –   Petra


12 – 13 years

Own Selection Aiyana 1st

 20/21 Century song

Aiyana 1st

Katala VHC



Aiyana HC Katala HC


Sacred Aiyana 1st

 Musical Theatre  Aiyana VHC


Restricted Aiyana 1st

 Contemporary Sacred Katala 3rd

Scholarship 14 years and under   –   Aiyana


 14    –  15  Years

Own Selection Janaye HC

20/21 Century song Janaye M

Folk Janaye VHC

Sacred Janaye HC


16 –  18 Years

Music Theatre Dyllan 3rd

Contemporary Sacred Dyllan 3rd

Contemporary Jazz Dyllan 3rd

Ataylia HC

 Own Composition Danni 2nd

 18 Years and over

Folk Wendy VHC

Sacred Wendy HC

Lied Wendy VHC

Own Selection Wendy VHC