Friday 15th October, around 7:00am on 95 BOP FM (Classic Hits)
Congratulations to Danni who will be singing to promote Bandanna week for CanTeen. Earlier this year Danni shaved all her hair off to support Canteen.
Take a moment to read her words and her lyrics.
Danni wrote a song to promote awareness of Canteen. In Danni’s words
“It’s an original song that I wrote about my experience with the CanTeen memebers and teens affected by cancer, about what I believe CanTeen promotes, and what they have all taught me about life. Dedicated to all the CanTeen members, especially Haley Thomas.”


A flash of life before your eyes, A winding road full of goodbyes

A fight for life just in itself

Don’t live a day without a laugh, Don’t hide your beauty behind a scarf

Don’t be a burden to yourself

Never take anything for granted, Family, friends, a tree once planted

Open your eyes to the most, beautiful gift of all

Yeah I know it’s common to have a fall, but get back up again and build a wall.

Life is the present we’ve all received,

You can’t put a price on eternity.

No stop signs just give way, Let the children out and play

No tomorrow just today

A journey long is a journey tough, Happiness should always be enough

The moon, the sky your destiny.

A flash of life before your eyes.

Listen for Danni’s song during Canteen week.